Experience Palawan, Philippines

There is something truly special about the Philippines. I never knew the world could look like this, or did look like this. Every moment spent exploring was a treasure in itself. And I can't wait to go back. Uno, Dos, Palmos! Okay, so I didn't take very many photos at the resort. Too busy taking … Continue reading Experience Palawan, Philippines



This is a notch in your belt hike. It's a challenge for many reasons. Detrimental factors are fear of heights, moderate scrambling, the scorching sun, and wasps that are Jumanji sized (the Robin Williams version).


You've seen this waterfall before. It's every bit worth the hype. It's every bit worth all the words used to describe it. Majestic, breathtaking, CROWDED. So go early. I camped at Skogar the night before after completing the┬áLaugavegur and Fimmvorduhals. I didn't even think I would get to see it other than through the windows … Continue reading Seljalandsfoss