My therapist says I need to write it all out. Here it goes.

I’m entering my 9th year of remission. I have multiple sclerosis. I made a life change about 4 years ago to be healthier, not that I was ever far off from being healthy. But being on medication for nerve pain was not something I wanted to do forever, so I changed my diet. Surprise, food is the best medicine. I started having a different outlook on life.  My marriage didn’t work out. Which is something I also never thought would happen, but it did. And I’m glad it did. Like a lot of people, we took the next step, checked off the next box of what you should do in life. But that wasn’t the right choice, lesson learned.

My fear pushes me forward. I use it. I worry that my disease will come back preventing me from doing what I love in the way that I want to. There is a vast amount of the world that can only be experienced on foot. It’s my preferred way to adventure. I absorb more on foot, especially if I have to work hard to see it. There’s a voice inside me that worries that each trip could be my last. One day I may only have my photos.