Navaho Peak


Golden hour is my favorite hour. How can it not be? My goal was to make it to both in the Teanways since I’ve only ever day hiked there. I did this as an overnight, but this can easily be done as a long day hike at around 13 miles roundtrip. There are multiple options of where to land for an overnight. Typically people trek 5 miles and set up in the meadow where it’s flat and free of wind. I like watching the sun shine and fade on jagged granite rocks. Out here the sky turns from yellow to orange to pink and blue. If you’re like me, then push .5 to the ridge and have killer views for dinner and breakfast.



The landscape of the Teanaways is dust, wildflowers, and jagged rocks. Navaho peak is a typical representation of that. You start at the Stafford Creek trailhead. It is dry. So dry. The dust never stops. When you are done hiking you will wonder if your got a really good tan or a nice even coating of dirt. Spoiler, it’s both. Pay attention to water sources! They run out before the meadow. The trail won’t be crowded, this isn’t Ingalls. I asked everyone I passed about how many more times the trail passed Stafford Creek, each gave me a different answer. Just remember take a RIGHT at the T junction. When you make it the ridge turn right. The top is just another mile with over 1,000 gain. Remember how it said this was extremely dust, well now is where it also become loose gravel and rock. Use caution or poles, hopefully both.


Try the selfie twirl.




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